What is the definition of " End of Life Notification "

  • 28 October 2018
  • 4 replies

As the title indicates, will someone explain what  " Webroots End of Life Notification " means to its existing customers.

4 replies

Hi bjm, at first I was unable to open the links you provided. Eventually I did and looked through the postings.
Much obliged,
Um, where did you see "End of Life Notification"?
Why do you think Webroot is axing Password Manager?
I don't use Amazon for Webroot nor use Webroot disc.  
Posted links speak to Product End-of-Life Policy.  
Regards w Respect
Hi bjm, wow that's a lot of numbers and letters. Tell me, is the ongoing issue with Password Manager part of what Webroot is axing ? I also noticed that over at Amazon, Webroots sales has all but disappeared. For years upon years Ive always purchased a disc from them and now they hardly have anything for sale?
How about explaining to us computer illiterates of which I a one  what Webroot is abandoning and when they are going to abandon it. That would be great !!
"End-of-Life" means a product that Webroot has identified as being at the end of its useful life and for which product sales and support have been, or are being, discontinued;