What is W32.Gen.BT?

  • 17 April 2017
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When I got on my PC had a threat, and it was W32.Gen.BT. I looked on the internet for what it was so now I am here. The threat is currently removed, but I still would like to see what it was.

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Hi Creepyolive
The detection name (W32.Malware.Gen) is a generic malware group name that is used by the industry, but in your case I believe that the '.BT' refers to 'Backdoor Trojan'. Having said that the 'Gen' would seem to indicate that there is no specific determination.
As such this may indicate that the detection is a false positive. Would you check in the Quarantine area (click on gear/cog symbol to the right of the PC Security tab, and then on the tab marked Quarantine? If under that tab there is an entry make a note of the details, especially the file path & name of the affect object, and post back here.
However, if you believe that you have suffered a false positive detection then the best approach is to Open a Support Ticket to advise the Support, so that they can investigate the veracity of the report and if they agree they can then whitelist the file in question in the Webroot Cloud...after which you can re-run a scan on your voila...the object will be rechecked, found to be good and restored no more problem.
Hope that helps?  Let us know what you find and how you decide to proceed.
Regards, Baldrick
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The same suggestion was made here: also @ no need to start a new threads with the same type of questions. Makes it easier on us!