When is a file (with virus) checked?

  • 11 October 2013
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hi there,
i'm trying out secureanywhere and would like to understand, how it works.
after installing, the standard test-scan was done and found nothing. this is quite surprising, because my last scanner(s) found a lot more.
so i downloaded a "testvirus". my old scanner broke the download, but webroot alowed it. only when executing the file, the virus was found and a message popped up.
so how save is webroot now and when is a virus recognized as virus?
thanks for your help,

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9 replies

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Hello mahakala and welcome to the Webroot Community!
Yes, WSA behaves how you describe. The main difference from conventional AV solutions is that WSA cares for files on execution, it means that even an infected file stored on HD without being executed is in fact harmless. This is very pro-active approach that save a lot of resources thus running your PC without any performance impact. Don't be worry, you're very safe with WSA. 😃
thanks for your answer. i noticed, that it's very very light and smart 🙂 so i give it a try and test ;)
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Great! I believe you won't regret. WSA indeed works differently than others but more efficiently, imho.
You might be interested to learn more in reading WSA user guide.
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Hello mahakala and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums!

To add what pegas said have a look at this Video: also the 2014 has more features to protect you and your online surfing and credentials.
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Hello mahakala :D
I fully agree with the statement, that with Webroot SecureAnywhere You can feel safe :D- as it was mentioned by Forum Experts.

Of course, You can always help WSA protecting Your computer - for example by using free versions of on-demand scanners, which are not working in the real time. However, I think, that there is no need to do that. I've been using Webroot since a year and so far my computers still remain free from any infection:D
The incredible lightness, which is the consequence of the philosophy of WSA operations, is the main factor distinguishing Webroot from the others;) It makes Webroot totally unrivaled 😃
wow, thanks for all your replies.
i'm learning how webroot works and it looks fast and secure at the moment :)
the litte BUT at the moment is: i'm developing a website and a pop appeard and said the said the site is blocked due to unsecure reasons. my big question now is WHY? nobody knows the site now (its new). so it's not blacklisted and so on.
when generating a log i only see that it's blocked but not why. where can i found out more? it's a simple https-site with a form for a paypal-payment. (other sites from that domain don't get an error yet).
thanks and regards,
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Kindly open a support ticket and copy/paste the part of the scan log where the website being blocked is mentioned. You can ask them for both whitelisting the website and  the reasons for blocking it.;)
thanks for the hint. i will do that when the site is open. it's not available for public visitors yet.
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You're welcome Thomas.:) Oh never welcomed you. Where are my manners!

Welcome to the Community, Thomas. 🙂