why do I have a popup on start up when I had none a week ago ? said is run by the console

  • 13 May 2016
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I'm curious why all of the sudden I have a pop up inlower left corner on start up?..never had it before and when I try to turnit offit says it's run bythe console and may change next boot up? this seemed to happen after I wrote in to webroot with concens over my software..also I have2 instances in my task manager on startupthat are exactly alike both have 5 items and everything looks the same in their properties is it leftover fromlast install?...is draining my system ...Thanks Joe

1 reply

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Welcome to the Community Forums.
I have just checked my own installation of WSA and can say that I am seeing the same thing in the Task Manager - Startup...and I assume that it is quote normal as I am fairly certain this has been the case for some time/is normal for WSA.
What I have not seen is the 'popup' that you are referring to. Would ypu be able to provide the exact message in the popup and if possible a screen capture of it?
With regard to the popup; what are you trying to do when you try to 'turn it off'? Which setting are you trying to change that gives you the information about Console control?
Regards, Baldrick