why does my subscription say one computer is protected when in fact there are two plus a cell

  • 5 June 2016
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Why does my subscription say only 12 computer is protected but in fact there are two computers (one Mac, and one windows) and an Android Cell phone?

1 reply

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Hi FaucettM4
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The mobile/cell phone will not show up under PC Security but under Mobile Devices...so check their if you have not already.
As for only one PC/Mac showing up; well, if you have recently added the device that is not showing up then it can take some time for the Cloud (where this data is held) to align with the position on your system, in terms of client versions installed.
Please try runninga Manual Scan as this sometimes 'nudges' the synchronisation process...post back to let us know if this has helped or if we need to assist further.
Regards, Baldrick