Why does Webroot immediately log me back in after I log out from a webpage?

  • 26 September 2014
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After logging out from a secure webpage I will be immediately logged back in.After logging out second time all good.

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6 replies

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Hi dickster2
Welcome to the Community Forums.
I have to admit that I have not come across this issue previously but presume that this is with sites that you have the credentials for in the Password Manager?  And that these sites are set up therein to AutoLogin?
It could be due to a WSA install issue so please download a new verison of the installer Best Buy here or Webroot here), and makr sure that you have your keycode to hand, then uninstall the current version, REBOOT, undertake a clean install using the newly downloaded installer (making sure not to accept any offer to import previous settings), REBOOT, and see if you are experiencing the same problem.
Either way please come back here to keep us advised as to how you are progressing, and we can try to assist further should there be a need.
Regards, Baldrick
Thanks for your reply I will give that a try.
If I choose to "not acceept any offers to import any previous settings" per your reply will my web sites. urls, passwords be saved & available? Thanks
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Hi dickster2
Yes, no problem as long as you enter the same keycode when you reinstall, that you used originally.  All the Password Manager information is held in the Webroot Cloud and is keyed to the keycode as long as you do not enter a new keycode on this reinstall you should be fine/loose nothing other than any changes to defaults that you made since the original install, and of course, any permissions you have already given to apps to communicate with the internet, any manually placed blocks, allows of apps or additions to Identity Protection...but I suspect that most of those have been done automatically and if not then they are easy enough to reinstate manually...that is what I find and I regularly uninstall/reintsall WSA.
If you are concerned about missing some you could always screen shot the relevant screens so you have a guide to check against once you have reinstalled.
EDIT: If worried about losing your passwords, etc. you could always export them from Password Manager, and then import them after the reinstall...if they have for some unknown reason disappeared. ;)
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick
UninstallingRe-installing fixed problem on both desktop & laptop.............passwords, etc all ok.  Thanks
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Hi dickster2
Great news, you are most welcome...:D And thanks slo much for coming back and letting us know, as it is useful to know when we help other users coming to the Community with the same or similar problem.
Hope to see you around in the Community, and not just if you have further issues or questions.
Regards, Baldrick