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  • 30 April 2012
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Hi all!
Can someone tell me where can I fin any reliable tests of WSA firewall?

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Hey pablozi,
Welcome to the Webroot Community! Glad to have you here. :D
First off, it's important to understand that the WSA firewall works differently than a traditional firewall in that it works together with the Windows firewall, functioning as the outbound component while the Windows firewall takes care of the inbound traffic. More specifically, it blocks malicious data traffic coming onto your computer. Basically, when both are turned on, they work in tandem to monitor data traffic coming in and out of your computer ports, looking for untrusted process that try to connect to the internet. The result is an intelligent and hassle-free firewall that unintrusively performs in the background, letting our powerful antivirus work it's magic and only steps in if it misses something. For more information on our firewall click here.
That being said, there isn't really a good firewall test I can recommend you as pretty much all of them test exclusively the inbound firewall. You could test this another way, but it is a slightly more tedious job than simply running a firewall test. Open up Webroot and click the "PC Security" tab and then the "Firewall" tab. Change the setting to "Warn if any process connects to the Internet unless explicitly allowed" and then go online and download a program you don't have yet that requires internet connection (i.e utorrent or a new web browser). After you run and install the program, the Webroot firewall will come up and let you know that an untrusted process is trying to get access to the internet. You will then have one minute to decide on one of the three options (block, allow, or allow once) until Webroot's firewall allows the process. This test will ensure that your WSA firewall is functioning correctly. Just make sure to change the firewall setting back to "Warn if any new, untrusted processes connect to the Internet if the computer is infected" after you're done because it's unnecessary to have the settings cranked up that high since the WSA  firewall will turn itself up that high and pick up the process if the computer is infected.
Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any more questions!