Breach report hard to find and why can't we print it?

  • 9 August 2019
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Breach report is nice feature but I often can't find it, why is it only under sites SAT tab but not in SAT console?

Why can't it be printed or exported to PDF to share with affected users??

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Glad to hear you are finding the Breach Report useful Brian. As you mentioned the Breach Report can be found under Security Awareness Training site settings in the management console. This report is directly tied to domains and requires a Domain Admin level email verification to activate so placing this report next to the domain list was the most logical place at this time. In the future that may change.

As for added functionality, there is certainly more we want to do to enhance this functionality such as add export to PDF, list the report in the SAT Global Dashboard, enable sort by breach data, add proactive alerting etc. but while we prioritize those functions on the roadmap we wanted to give our clients access to the data as soon as it was available.

A quick summary of the breach report and its functionality can be found here: