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How to use tags with Webroot’s Security Awareness Training

How to use tags with Webroot’s Security Awareness Training
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How to use tags with Webroot’s Security Awareness Training
Tags are a handy way to group email addresses (also known as targets) together that share a common trait and are an optional part of the service. Some examples of where tags could be helpful:
  • Grouping all the employees at one physical location
  • To track all the employees in a particular department
  • Grouping employees together that are working on the same project
Once applied, tags can be used to quickly add users that share a trait. For example, if users in the office location tagged as “headquarters” all need to be added to the same campaign, selecting the “headquarters” tag when assembling the target list will quickly add all the properly tagged targets.
Adding tags when creating new targets
Tags can be added when the target list is being created or after the target list has been created. They can be manually entered or included as part of the CSV file used to upload new users. The target list simply refers to the list of email addresses that will be part of campaigns.
Tags are managed from the Targets page, which is accessible after clicking the Settings option in the Security Awareness console.

In the Targets page (titled Target Data), click the Import Targets button to open the Import Targets page.

The Import Targets page is where new targets are added. The two methods to input new targets are to manually add them one at a time, or use the CSV file upload option to bulk upload them. The format to use is the same for each method:
First, Last,, tag 1, tag 2, tag 3, etc.

There is no limit to the number of tags that can be added.
Managing tags for existing targets
Even after targets have been created, it is possible to modify the tags associated with them. This is completed from the Targets page, located under the Security Awareness console > Settings > Targets.
Click the boxes next to the users that need modification, which exposes a new button that allows tags to be managed. Clicking the new button, called +Manage select target tags, will then lead to options that allow the:
  • Addition of new tags to selected users
  • Adding already existing tags to selected users
  • Removing tags from selected users

Searching for tags
It is also possible to search for targets that have specific tags. This is completed from the Targets page, located in the Security Awareness console > Settings > Targets.
Input the tag you are interested in then hit enter to pull up a list of targets that have this tag. Clicking the tag search box will show a list of all available tags, you can select a tag directly from this list.
Using tags when creating campaigns
Tags can be very useful when creating campaigns, especially if many of the targets share a common trait. Tags can be utilized during step 2 of the New Campaign creation process, in the Target page, to pull in the targets that share the same tags.

Clicking the Select tags to search box will result in all defined tags being displayed. Choose a tag using this method or manually enter the desired tag. The image below shows an example of targets and their defined tags.
In the example below, the tag green is being used to select the two users that have the green tag.

Once the targets are displayed, check the checkbox at the top of the column to select all the displayed targets. Or simply check the boxes next to the targets that should be part of the campaign.
Click the Save/Next button in the top right corner of the page to proceed to the next step in the campaign setup process.

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