noob question about custom phishing email templates

  • 31 January 2020
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Hi all,

I’ve gone through and created phishing campaigns, custom email templates and so forth with no issues against our internal site (targeting the others in the office). I have made global custom templates and set them to published, but when I try and use them against an actual customer (external) site, they do not appear in either site, system or global for selection.

To be clear, they are not visible in the console when I select Settings > Email or if i go through the New Campaign process.

I would have thought creating a template with global settings would allow me to pick up that template for use with any site. Am I incorrect in thinking this? Do I need to create custom templates for each client site?

Is it possible that because we have our internal site set up as a separate entity from our clients (in Global Site Manager Consoles) that this is the cause?

Any advice would be much appreciated.




Best answer by Phil Karcher 31 January 2020, 23:34

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Hi Franco! It sounds like it might be indeed because you set up the templates in a Console separate from your customers - see the image below. 



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Hi Phil, 


Thanks for confirming my suspicions. 

I’m guessing there is no easy way to transfer a site from one console to another?

I would (or should) create an internal site in the other console and create templates against that site, is that the correct process?

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Yes, going forward I’d recommend creating an internal site in your other console for the purposes of creating and testing templates. 

If you already created a lot of templates I can work with you to transfer these to your other console. Will send you a direct message.