SAT more security course material needed

The content from Teach Privacy is gone from Security Awareness Training. There is not enough security content left.

Of the 28 modules 4 are how to use office, 4 are for UK compliance, 2 for Australia, there are 3 for phishing which are micro, mini, full of the same course. There is a data protection module for legislation which is out of date since GDPR came in.

There are 5 courses I’m happy to push out to customers: GDPR, Understanding Cyber Security, Ransomware & Cybercrime, Understanding Phishing (full), Understanding Malware (which is an advert for Webroot, so maybe I'm not too happy with that one.) .

We have our customers signed up to a subscription service based on security awareness training, we need more security related content. Is there more courseware to come? If so when?

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Hi Eamonn thanks for reaching out on this. We just released 4 new courses in mid March to replace the topics that the TeachPrivacy courses once covered. New courses include: Password Security, Website & Software Security, Email Security and Physical (workplace) Security.

The next set of courses to look forward to will be a series of 3 courses on Breach Awareness and Readiness where we will dive into how breaches occur and how to avoid them from a workplace and employee perspective along with updates to the Phishing courses.

Please stay tuned as we continue to release new courses every couple months!
Course list is updated here:


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