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I have created a WiFi security with the username and password that is exactly the same as my current console account. I can login to console and see SecureWiFiConsole created. However, my credentials is not working in the WiFi Security app on Mac - keeps telling me that password must be 9 characters and include 3 numbers - which my password matches and works on the console.

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Hi @rHd,
This sounds very odd - if you didn't have a WiFi Security Console in WebrootAnywhere then I would ask if you had clicked on the verification link sent to you but that Console shouldn't exist if you hadn't. Please can you direct message me your email address (please do not reply publically with your personal information) and I'll take a look what has happened for you.
I'll also have a chat with the team responsible for the Mac client.
Apologies for any inconvenience,


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