Installing VPN on New Device after uninstalling on another?

  • 9 February 2019
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I have a five device subscription. I've uninstalled Wi-Fi Security from one device (a rarely used laptop) so I could install it on a new device, a tablet. No problem downloading it to the tablet, but I can't sign in because I'm getting a message saying I have "too many open sessions and need to log out of one of my devices." Obviously Webroot can't recognize that I've uninstalled the VPN softwarefrom a device that previously had it. And it wasn't even logged in when I uninstalled it. Yikes.

How to proceed is the question! 🤔

6 replies

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Hi MFreburg-OH

Welcome to the NEW Community Forums.

The logical place to do what yo are looking to do, i.e., what one would do when wanting to de-register a device so that another can be used under a keycode, would be under your Webroot account console.

However when I check I find that "WiFi Security users with an existing Webroot SecureAnywhere console account will not see their WiFi Security account in the SecureAnywhere console. However, if you have a Webroot SecureAnywhere console account, you should use the same credentials (email and password) to sign in to WiFi Security. And conversely, if you have already created a WiFi Security account and now want to access your SecureAnywhere console, use the WiFi Security credentials for the console."

So in this circumstance I recommend that you Open a Support Ticket, so that the Support Team can advise you how to proceed or action the de-registration for you.

As and when you have the answer please post back here to let us know. The information will assist us in assisting other users that may have the same or a similar question in the future.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Regards, Baldrick
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Thanks for the reply. I considered opening a support ticket but thought there might be a way. without bothering the techs. It's unfortunate the WiFi account doesn't appear in the console--already tried that.
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Hi MFreburg-OH

I much agree with you but as the WiFi Security product is new I suspect that this may be on the feature add list.

But if not then the ticket is the way to go to get the official Webroot response/solution to this, and if it does not involve the Webroot account console then once the issue is resolved, you may want to pop over the 'Got an idea?' part of the Community and leave a feature request for just this sort of thing.

Other Community members can then leave their own views and more importantly support the idea which does have an impact in terms of what the Development may consider as to put into the product in the future.

Hope that helps?

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I've submitted a ticket. I feel guilty as I feel like they are getting to know me over here. 😉 My entrance into the VPN software was not smooth, though I love having it. Your idea on the "Got an Idea" post is a great one--thanks again!
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You are most welcome. Always happy to try to assist a fellow Community member. 😎

Regards, Baldrick
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I will raise the idea of de-registering devices with the product team as well based on this thread.

I hope that the Support team were able to help you @MFreburg-OH