Renewed Webroot Security and bought a New Webroot WIFI

  • 12 March 2019
  • 4 replies

I renewed Webroot Security and bought a New Webroot WIFI. Do I need separate logins? Or is WIFI supposed to blend into my Security Program? I deleted the email that says "register You Account".

4 replies

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Hello @SeaGlass and Welcome to the Webroot Community!

May I ask where you renewed WSA and purchased WiFI security from? Webroot Direct? You need to use your Online Console info to login to WiFi Security and I will ping @pstonethompson and he can help you with the backend stuff. If you haven't setup your online console I would ask you to set it up and have a look here for more info:

WiFi Security Guide:

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@SeaGlass WiFi Security will ultimately use the same account as your existing Webroot products if you already have a username and password, but you need to associate your license with the account in order to login to WiFi Security. Unfortunately the instructions you need in order to do that are in the email you have deleted.

If you Direct Message (DM) me your email address I will arrange to get that email resent to you. Please do not reply with your email address in the thread here.

Once that has been received then you simply enter your existing email address and password on the Register Account page, click on the link in the verification email that is sent to you and you should be able to log on.
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@SeaGlass Did you manage to locate the email? Is this issue now resolved for you?
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@SeaGlass Did you manage to locate the email? Is this issue now resolved for you?

Wanted to ping you again, @SeaGlass . Has this been resolved?


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