VPN in China?

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Does the new VPN service WiFi Security work in China?


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Hi newsuperhuman

If you are asking with there is a suitable server, for use with the Webroot VPN, located in China, the answer is 'No'...not that I can see in terms of the list of available locations.

If the question is whether one can use a VPN when in China, then as far as I know, from what I have read, the answer to that is a grey area. And therefore it is best to do some specific research on the Web to see what the position is at the time that you want/intend to make use of a from time to time it is tolerate if somewhat restricted whilst at other times the Chinese authorities actually close done VPN access temporarily.

HERE is a relevant blog that may enlighten you further.

Hope that helps?

Regards, Baldrick
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Thanks for your reply! I'm in china and would want to use a server outside of China. I'm wondering if anyone knows if this is technically possible with a Webroot VPN? I'm less interested in the legality, as there is no law in China worthy of the name. Thanks again.
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To provide some clarity, no the VPN does not work in China.


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