wifi security on ipad

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I installed WiFi security on my iPhone. I try to install it on my iPad now and it will not accept my credentials.

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Hello @Jlawlera

Welcome to the Webroot Community,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with WiFi Security on your iPad. I am running WiFi Security on my iPad and I do remember resetting/changing my Password where it states "Forgot Password." This helped me to get WiFi running on my IPad. You might want to check in General Settings and see if VPN is enabled. Here is the WiFI User Guide.

Also if you need assistance then you can always Submit a Support Ticket and Webroot Support will gladly help you to get your WiFi VPN up and running. This is a Free service with your Webroot Subscription.

Hope this helps?
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@Jlawlera Is your issue now resolved? If not, please drop me a Direct Message (do not post it in the thread for your own privacy) with your email address and I will have a look behind the scenes for you.