Will Webroot VPN work with Wi-FI that doesn't use a Router or Modem ?

  • 7 December 2022
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Hi !, Thanks for encouragement on my “Floating Webroot Icon” problem with my phones. WB Support told me how to fix that.

I have W-Fi,  IvP4 and IvP6 bands in my home WITHOUT using a router or modem. I plan to get an Ethernet switcher and/or a router (which I may hack) to get Ethernet on my  Win 10 laptop and apparently, with the right adapters, use Ethernet on my 2 Android phones at home.

  1. Do switchers/routers require an Old School working telephone outlet to work ?   HDMI inputs ?Also, my ISP/Cable TV Provider with two Streaming Services provided me with a combination cable TV box/DVR /HMDI outputs/analog outputs and a co-axial cable output.
  2. Would my Internet/email/text/phone calls be MORE secure with Webroot VPN ? I CANNOT stand another spam/scam/evil attachments/evil links/Bad Actors ! The good thing about NOT using my ISP modem is that I NO LONGER GET IP Reputation Attacks……
  3. Any options  on other WB products such as Carbonite ? Useless or Waste of Cash ?
  4. My ISP/CTP CLAIMS that they will provide an IvP8 (?!) band next year ! True or BS ? I have caught them  lying about their technology before and scolded them.  (got credit towards my bill and free swag once I mentioned the BBB and FTC...) So ? I am shameless with Tech Providers...hee, hee ……..Thank you so much WB Community….J.H.

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