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Last week, Hal Lonas, Kiran Kumar and Trung Tran went to Harvey Mudd for a 'Social Reputation on Twitter' presentation. It was a Webroot-sponsored project, in conjunction with the Harvey Mudd Clinic, to help encourage research projects and recruiting, as well as grow the Webroot brand with a premier US institution. 
Here's a little more background: 
Each clinic project is conducted by a team (typically four students) over the span of one academic year. A faculty advisor works with the team while a liaison from the sponsoring organization to provide domain-specific knowledge, as necessary. At the conclusion, the results of the project become the property of the the sponsor. The concept of the clinic was invented at Harvey Mudd College by the engineering department back in the early 60s. Since then, over 1000 clinic projects have been conducted at the college. The computer science department has offered the clinic program since 1993. 
Here are some pics from last week's visit:


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