Congrats JimM on reaching 1000 Kudos!

  • 4 July 2013
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Congrats @ on reaching 1000 Kudos! You do so much in looking after this forum and helping members with issue's your hard work doesn't go unnoticed! ;)
Daniel :D

8 replies

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Congrats Jim :D
Congrats Jim on reaching the 1,000 Kudos mark. Thank you for all the hard work you do answering questions and solving problems for all that use WSA . 😉
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Congrats Jim!  I feel guilty, somehow I think 1/2 those posts have been spent dealing with me!  :)
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Congratulations Jim. Thanks for helping me when I need it.
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Congrats on reaching a new rank Jim.:D
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Congratulations Jim!!!
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Congratulations JimM it is well deserved.
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Wow, thanks everybody! I'm so glad I can be of assistance, and thank all of you for your contributions as well. These kudos only exist because of you! It made my day to see this topic upon my return today. Thank you all very much! 😃