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Cyber Resilience and COVID-19

  • 26 March 2020
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Cyber Resilience and COVID-19
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As long as COVID-19 represents a global health crisis, hackers will seek to profit from it. Here we'll update our users and partners on the latest news, scams, and developments affecting the novel coronavirus and its cybersecurity implications.


A note from Kelvin Murray, Senior Threat Researcher regarding security spikes during COVID-19:

The first cyber threat we saw associated with the Corona virus was Covid-19 themed phishing mails. As with any big news topic the natural public interest in the pandemic has been used to drive malicious click-throughs. Recently Webroot has observed false documents containing information stealer with names like: "CIRCULAR IMPORTANTE CORONAVIRUS.EXE" Not nice to see Italian-language phishers using the pandemic to heap more misery on the country. 

Secondly ransomware actors usually attack critical services and industries. It's completely evil but follows sound criminal logic, hold something important to ransom increses the chances and amount of payout. A hospital with one of the largest COVID-19 testing facilities in the Czech Republic was hit with ransomware recently so don't expect any quarter from criminals in this time.

As far as volume of malware we haven't seen any major shifts. With a lot of offices closing the amount of malware out there will naturally decrease with the reduction of online machines. However don't expect criminals to hang about adapting their tactics to prey on those working from home. 


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