Webroot Appoints David Duncan Chief Marketing Officer

  • 21 February 2013
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From the Press Release:
Duncan brings to the role a strong background in marketing and executive leadership. Most recently, he was responsible for developing and leading the CyberSafe secure storage go-to-market product strategy for Imation Corporation, having joined Imation after the acquisition of EncryptX in 2011, where he was founder, president and managing director for 10 years. EncryptX, a venture-backed company, developed endpoint security, removable storage security and email security products, and had more than 150 enterprise customers and protected over 20 million devices worldwide. Duncan also served on McAfee's embedded solutions advisory committee for the last two years as a result of EncryptX's efforts to enable McAfee's Anti-Virus/Malware protection for deployment on removable storage devices.
Click Here for the Full Press Release
For more about David "Dunk" Duncan, we'll turn to the man himself, who will be chiming in on this thread to talk about himself and answer any questions the Community may have for him.  I'm told he's a car guy!

Feel free to ask Dunk questions about himself.  He has an incredibly fascinating and diverse background with experience in cryptography and Chinese Mandarin being among some of the most eyecatching things on his resume, just to name a few.  It's very exciting to have him on board at Webroot!

6 replies

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Hi Dunk!
Welcome aboard! You sure have a great company you are working for.
Thanks Corey,
Really excited to join the Webroot team.  Great team of people, incredible game-changing technology.  I have some painful scar tissue making heavy weight AV technology work on today's new type of mobile devices.  Our WSA products are a trail-blazing new approach to security using a collective intelligence model delivered through the cloud.
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Hello Dunk nice to meet you and welcome aboard!
Daniel 😉
Thank you for the welcome. The community forum is a great vehicle that will allow me to understand exactly what you like about our products as well as let us know what we need to improve. Dunk
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Welcome aboard Dunk!
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Hello Dunk,

Welcome aboard. With your diverse and incredible experience I hope you'll help turn Webroot Anywhere into the HULK of the security industry.:)