Webroot® Universal Syslog Connector Download Link.

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Webroot® Universal Syslog Connector Download Link.

The Webroot ™️  Universal Syslog Connector is now released and available for immediate download.


It can be downloaded at the following link:


Hash Values for download integrity check:

Algorithm : SHA1

Hash      : 693AF25498CBB7E9C119AFEB9069E609F7179E0C


Algorithm : SHA256

Hash      : 1609789A6E24F001E117960BA63242ECDAC4EF1D044FDE06E68CD50A7F2E1B84



About the Universal Syslog Connector

The Universal Syslog Connector supports event forwarding to Syslog Servers.

Leveraging the power of Unity API, Event Notifications can be passed in near Real-Time to Syslog Servers used by SIEMs, SOC’s and MSSPs.

More information is contained within the download package.

Woot. Very exciting news. Thanks for this