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DQ Breach? HQ Says No, But Would it Know?

26 Aug 14


Sources in the financial industry say they’re seeing signs that Dairy Queen may be the latest retail chain to be victimized by cybercrooks bent on stealing credit and debit card data. Dairy Queen says it has no indication of a card breach at any of its thousands of locations, but the company also acknowledges that nearly all stores are franchises and that there is no established company process or requirement that franchisees communicate security issues or card breaches to Dairy Queen headquarters.

dqI first began hearing reports of a possible card breach at Dairy Queen at least two weeks ago, but could find no corroborating signs of it — either by lurking in shadowy online “card shops” or from talking with sources in the banking industry. Over the past few days, however, I’ve heard from multiple financial institutions that say they’re dealing with a pattern of fraud on cards that were all recently used at various Dairy Queen locations in several states. There are also indications that these same cards are being sold in the cybercrime underground.


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Re: DQ Breach? HQ Says No, But Would it Know?

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The problem as this article states each store is a franchised and operated by its ownner,  and chain of command as it would go is not sound in structure. Here in Ohio Dairy Queen is very popular but I have noticed some of the stores operate on their own and do things their way.

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Re: DQ Breach? HQ Says No, But Would it Know?

The article is on Krebs, which is pretty reputable, so my bet is this is real despite the DQ HQ denial.