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Hackers dropping Zeus in favour of Xtreme RAT Trojan, reports FireEye

By paganinip, Jun 8 2014


FireEye Labs recently identified several new Molerats attacks based on Xtreme RAT targeting US financial institutions and European government organizations.

FireEye experts between 29 April and 27 May have identified several new Molerats attacks targeting organizations across the globe. European government organizations, at least one U.S. financial institution and other private entities were hit by cyber attacks based on the remote access trojan (RAT), called Xtreme RAT, for their exploits.

This summer FireEye specialists published details related to the investigation on an attack campaign based on Poison Ivy  which targeted numerous organizations in the Middle East and the United States. All these campaigns were conducted using off-the-shelf Remote Access Tool (RAT), and according the experts, they shouldn’t be automatically linked to Chinese bad actors.


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