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Netflix users in danger of malware

Netflix Malware.PNG

Silverlight users beware: Update your security and Silverlight software to avoid this malicious exploit. It is an add-on to the Anger exploit kit and delivers malware onto the victims' system.


"Silverlight has failed to surpass the popularity of Flash, but it’s nonetheless used by many users around the world, including over 40 million users of popular on-demand Internet streaming service Netflix."


Full Story (source: Net-Security.org)

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Re: Netflix users in danger of malware

I guess I can't turn on my TV with Netflix build in. :smileyvery-happy:




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Re: Netflix users in danger of malware

I usually keep Silverlight disabled unless i am working on something that requires it,which isn't very often.I pray that MS continues to refine and update Silverlight in a timely fashion(there are other vulnerabilities in it as well that aren't as easy to take advantage of,but nonetheless are possible).I would simply recommend to anyone to disable it in browser ad-ons until you find that you need it,if at all.I would also like to see certain types of updates forced on home users rather than making them optional.Most people i come across are extremely lazy keeping their machines updated,which keeps virus techs,pc techs,and self taught novices like myself busy.

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Re: Netflix users in danger of malware

Mike, thanks for the warning:smileyhappy:





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Re: Netflix users in danger of malware

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Silverlight will continue to receive security updates until 2021, so at least that's good. It's a dead-end technology now, which the Wikipedia article fails to mention. If I wasn't lazy I'd fix it up right now...


Unless you use Netflix, you should uninstall Silverlight.

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