PRODUCT UPDATE BULLETIN 20.0 - November 20th 2014

  • 20 November 2014
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As part of our continuing development of the Global Site Manager, console Release 20.0 introduces new GSM Dashboard functionality. Administrators will get immediate value from these new Dashboard capabilities as they allow you to have a far better overview of either multi-customer or multi-site deployments.

On a note of caution - we are aware of certain scenarios in which the dashboard data may not be 100% representative. This occurs because the Dashboard uses our latest agent version data sets to create Dashboard charts and you may have some agents that have not yet been upgraded to a version that provides these new data sets. However, we are very confident that for vast majority of users they will see the correct Dashboard data.

1. NEW – Global Dashboard – Gives Administrators a new configurable Dashboard that provides immediate insight at a Global level of their multi-site (or multi-location) deployments of endpoint protection. This release includes ‘canned’ dashboard charts for the following 7 default data points:
  1. Threat Detection History – A historic view of all threats encountered over a 7 day period.
  2. Device Activations – A historic view of new device activations over a 7 day period.
  3. Realtime Shield Status – Count of devices with their Reatime shield switched on/off.
  4. Managed by Policy – Count of devices which are managed versus any that are unmanaged.
  5. Agent version Spread – Count of WSA agent versions installed.
  6. Remediation Status – Count of devices with remediation (clean up) enabled by default.
  7. Expired Status – Count of devices that are on an expired keycode.
  1. The ability to add a new chart (based on the list of over 20 data points) will be part of a future release early next year.
  2. As this is a partial release please note that with the exception of 'Threat Detection History' and 'Device Activations', only endpoints running agent version onwards will be accurately represented in any Dashboard totals.
  3. Migrated keycodes may also cause some slight anomalies in counts. – Global Site Manager Dashboard Views.

Here are some of the other management console updates that are part of this BETA release.

New Console Tab Global Site Manager Console Tab.

Summary Bar
The summary bar gives a quick overview of the deployment with the ability to hover over the Sites reference to get further site information. The ‘Needing attention’ will take the Administrator to the list of sites. hover over ‘Needing attention’ to get more information.

Site Filter
The ability to configure which sites you would like to have be part of the dashboard charts is available using this button: Site Filter button.

The ability to configure a single chart to render a selection of sites will be part of a future release.

Configurable Dashboard Layout
All charts can be rearranged according to the customer’s preference with the ability to toggle layout format via the following buttons: Layout with these Buttons.

And simply drag and drop charts into your preferred positioning. and drag charts into desired Dashboard position.

Drill down capabilities
Each chart provides a drill-down to view the Top 50 specific sites/devices relating to the chart, with a further drill down into the specific site, this will be enhanced in the upcoming release with a list of sites being shown first, rather than endpoints. Drill Downs

Dashboard reset reset button allows administrators to reset the dashboard to its default configuration. 

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