coz32host.exe*32 causing ad's to pop up everywhere

  • 9 December 2014
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Starting today I have ad's popping up everywhere!  There is a program that I can't get stopped called coz32host.exe*32.  Why doesn't Webroot stop it?

6 replies

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It's what we call a PUA please see here on how to remove:
Daniel 😉
Wow this is some persistent serious process that I can't deal with.  I can't find the source on my box, end the process or deal with it in anyway.  Seems relatively benign, but I don't know what it's doing.  It clones itself somehow trying to adapt to anything I throw at it.  Windows maleware detection doesn't see it either.
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Hello kidscasco, welcome to the Community!
I think the best thing to throw at it at this point is a Trouble Ticket to have Webroot Support take a look.  This is a free service with your valid WSA license 🙂
Thanks!  I managed to finally kill the service and find it on my drive.  This bugger was unusually persistant and it is a zoomify (if you do a search you'll see what I mean).  It was disguised as a splash screen recommending a flash upgrade notification for chrome. Since I have had flash crash on a few times lately I figured I do it.  It looked like typical maleware at first but I could not end the processes related to the zoomify: coshost, coszhost32, coshost64.  NOthing would come up when I searched my drives looking for these recent stuff until I allowed all op sys files to be viewed and was then able to find them in C:programdatazoomify2.  At that point I got into the service app editor and manged to stop two cozhost services to allow me to delete the library and executable files in zoomify2.  I think I'm clean now.
I think I misspelled the actual process names in my former:
As I said, they clone (my word there-duplicate themselves under another name and reappear as another similarly named process).  The names from my recollection are cozhost, cozhost32, cozhost64...and there may be more too.
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Awesome job if that got rid of it for good!  If it does come back, and you need a hand, just remember Webroot Support is a link away.
Of course we are too if you ever have a question or problem we can help with here on the Community, just let us know!