Deploying to MAC via Desktop Central

  • 11 January 2021
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I use Desktop Central in order to deploy software, when I am trying to deploy to MAC env, I get

Installation Command Failure within Desktop Central, I am using the script as below,

sudo "/Applications/Webroot SecureAnywhere" install -keycode=<keycode> -silent

I am putting this in within Package Properties, Installation Command. 

Does the string look correct, any advice greatly received.

2 replies

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Hey there @StuinGermany ,

I’m going to ping one of our product specialists @coscooper  - he may have some kind of answer for you! 

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@StuinGermany the SUDO command strings will vary based upon agent version. Last year was a bit messy with Apple changing where Daemon and content was built in the binary. Here’s a reference that may help.


Old Agents prior to 9.0.1.x

sudo /usr/local/bin/WSDaemon

For versions and newer use this string:

sudo /Applications/Webroot\

To Force Poll on version 9.1.3 or higher, use this string:

sudo /Applications/Webroot\


Hope that helps.