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  • 29 October 2014
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Hi all..
Brand new Webroot user. I'm a frequent advertiser on Facebook and get/got many mails from em.facebookmail.comregarding advertising tips etc...
The first one I received from them is getting blocked. I can't recall my previous interaction so not sure if I've always been a phish victim or not. Any info on this please?

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14 replies

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Hello and Welcome to the Webroot Community!
Are you sure the link is correct? As it redirects me here: and doing serches there is no other way to get to so double check for me and if it's wrong post the correct Link.
Daniel ;)
EDIT: It looks like a FP as BrightCloud shows the link fine? But it sends me to this page though when I bypass the block

And this Link looks bad:



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Hello Bedhead,
I am one of our support engineers here at Webroot. I have reported this to the Web analysts they are still looking into it. We will have an update on this hopefully by tomorrow. 
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Hello Devin thanks for coming by!
Daniel 😉
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Anytime!  Im always around 😃
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@ wrote:
Anytime!  Im always around :D
That was a dangerous thing to say... Some of us are pretty good at using the "@" function around here :)
As Daniel said, thank you for dropping in and helping, and we certainly will appreciate it anytime that you do!
Thanks for the quick posts everyone.
The actual email address was from
I did WhoIs and they looked the same as regular Facebook but possibly an affiliate brand is what this is...
Side note, I did some link searching and found a Japanese group who used the facebookmail name quite a bit. Oddly enough my Hotmail email sent out a spam mail today as someone else named "Steve" which is my name but had a diff email address that ended in .JP (That's DOT JP) And to top it off the attatchment in the email was for some weird link regarding Elegant Themes which I use for a few of my websites. I've sent the email to Facebook phish security but don't expect a reply.
Coincidence? I doubt it!
Hope this helps and if I can do anything else I'm happy to assist.
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haha, well i have faith in our VIPs.   :robothappy:
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Just to let everyone know this FP will be fixed! Thanks BrightCloud Team! 😉 It could take 24 to 48 hours to update!
"Hi all,
Update on this case.
Serena from the Web analyst team has completed the research, and found on the Facebook Help page that any emails from are legitimate.
More information on this can be found here:
Since it is legitimate marketing owned by Facebook (and appearing to be carried out by a third party company), we are reclassifying it as Social Networking, which will automatically bump up the reputation, too.
Hope this helps!

Happened to me today.....

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Mine was and it was getting blocked.
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@ @ our Team has corrected the issue with Facebook being blocked as of last night.
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I wish I could give you kudos for fixing it.  Facebook has been working pretty good for me today.  Bit slow in some areas, but that might be another issue.  Facebook puts a lot of junk on thier site.
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@ I wish I could take the credit for fixing it:catwink:
Facebook does put a lot of junk all over their site. You can use an adblocking extension like Adblock Plus or uBlock Origin to make this a lot smoother.
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I do use Adblock plus to filter out a lot of the junk.  I use it to clean up all the 'Boost' and 'Promote'buttons on my page that I run.  That boosting and promoting nonesense is a scam.  It does not help a Facebook page at all.  It's a magnet for bots and spammers.