Hello from a Newbie to the Forums who also needs help with a problem I'm unable to resolve

Hello everybody! I was a long-time user of Prevx and boy did I love that program. I did get one or two FP's but that's normal. I kept reading in the blogs that it rated high in FP's but that certainly wasn't my experience. Then Webroot bought them out and I became just as happy and content using WSA - been using it since the change-over. Except for one probem that I cannot put off anymore. It is slowing down my `puter (Toshiba Satellite laptop) and I need help with a problem that I posted in the Forum for "Non-Techies". Feel free to take a gander, please, as I'm fresh out of ideas and totally exhausted from trying to fix it myself. I admit defeat. I'd hate to have to uninstall it; that's akin to throwing my money away. Looking forward to roaming around the forums, reading everything and learning megatons of handy things and necessary information. Also, being kept up to date on security, etc. Hope y'all have a wonderful July 4 holiday (and a safe one)! Sincerely, Greta

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Hello Great,
You posted in another thread and I replied in there. I have posted the following message in that threat but you can reply in this one. We should be able to get this fixed quickly enough.
You shouldnt have to ever disable it, if your PC is running slower with WSA running then we can look at that. Can you create a support ticket and I can have a look at your Keycode. I should be able to figure this out and it wont require any technical information from your end. Or if you send me a private message with the Webroot Keycode that you used to install Secure Anywhere I can see if I can find you in that way.
"Hello Great," Ha ha ha ha! 🙂 Little typo there me thinks. The name is Greta. Thank you so much for your interest, time and attention to my persistent and annoying problem. Replied to your first post to me. Again, thank you.
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Hello Greta and welcome to the Webroot Community!
It looks like you are in good hands, but I wanted to invite you to stay with us after this problem is solved. This is a great place to get help and learn more about the software!
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Hello Greta and welcome to the Community.:)
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Welcome Greta........and enjoy the best forum on the web today.
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Hello Greta and Welcome to the Webroot Community Forums. ;)
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Hello Greta, Welcome to the Webroot Community Forum. 😃