How to Erase a User from the Community

  • 18 April 2019
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We never want to see a Webroot Community Member leave but if you want to remove yourself from the community along with all of your data, here's how you do it.

  • Please send a PM to a member of the Webroot Community Team.
  • That team member will confirm that they have received the request and will double check that this is the correct action that you'd like to take.
  • That team member will initiate the process within our system. (This might take up to 30 days.)
The system will remove the following data from our platform:
  • The user’s profile (including all profile fields).
  • The user’s private message conversations (any conversation which the user was in - including for the other user in the conversation).
  • References to the user in our analytics platform.
  • References to the user in our search platform.
  • Subscriptions from the user to specific content.
  • Ranks/Badges received by the user.
  • The user’s position on the leaderboards
We will also anonymize all the user’s posts and likes. Erasing the posts of a specific user from a community would drastically affect the integrity and consistency of community conversations and render them unusable to transfer knowledge and help other customers. To avoid this, we will be using true anonymization for the posts to make sure we don’t have to remove public community content, while ensuring that personal data in fact will be removed where needed.

Personal data from the specific user in the following data containers will be erased in the next 23 days.
  • Log files
  • Backup files
  • References to the user in all data exports.
We store audit log files for 180 days to ensure the capability to investigate possible threats. These log files only contain IP addresses, and no reference to the user profiles.

⚠️ Once a user is erased, it is not possible to recover the account.

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