I canonly get on my computer by pressing on the monier not on the harrd drive, back up. I don't know

  • 25 December 2014
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I am Lorraine Crouchet, I am 82, will be 83 on Jan, 9th. I live in Metairie, La. I am married. (Email removed to protect user's privacy)

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3 replies

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Hi Lorraine!
I am not too sure what you are asking. Can you try again and explain in a little more detail what kind of an issue you are seeing on your computer?
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I can now get on my computer when I first try,, before this it would only come on when I pressed on the start button on the monitor. I hope my computer is checking for virues.
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Hi Lorraine
To check if WSA is active and protecting you (and I am assuming that you have a PC rather than a Mac) please look in the bottom right hand corner of your laptop's screen and if protection is active you should see as I have highlighted in the RED square in the screen shot below:

If you DO  NOT see the icon of Green circle with a 'W' in it (it may or may not have a golden padlock symbol overlaying it depending on whether you have a browswer open or not) OR if the icon is there but of a different colour then post back for further explanation.  Otherewise if you see what is highlighted (with or without the golden padlock) then you are protected by WSA
Hope that helps?
Regards, Baldrick