Phone locked after SIM card change, can't unlock

  • 1 October 2013
  • 2 replies

I have forgotten my original password. I have set a new password but the wifi is not enabled on the locked phone so the locked phone is not accepting it. How do I acquire an internet/wifi connection on the locked phone so that the password update is acquired? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

2 replies

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Hello Pault and welcome to the Webroot Community.
Well, I guess there is not too much what you can do. If your phone is locked down you have to unlock it with the original password. Do you have the original SIM card available? If so, your phone should recognize that the card is same and should not require password. However you have still problem because you forgot the password what also means that you cannot uninstall WSA (password required). So I am afraid that a factory reset will be required.

Nevertheless, please wait for moderators or other community members. They can have a clue I am not aware of.
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Hi Pault,
In your situation, unfortunately this is the lock screen behaving as designed.  When there is no internet connectivity while the device is locked, there is no way for it to receive the password reset from the console.  This issue is explained in depth in this article