• 20 January 2016
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How secure are Chromebooks?

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Hi cndold
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Not a much discussed topic, at least here, but from what I have read on the subject Google seems to think that the inherent security of Chromebooks is good. Cannot say how true that is but some would seem to agree with them.
As I understand it these 'laptops' do protect the user by encrypting locally stored data, by default blocking traditional malware installs due to the fact that you cannot really install anything on them anyway, and having built in anti phishing detection systems.
However, that needs to be balanced with the fact that these devices rely heavily on connectivity with the Internet & cloud-based services which opens up a whole host of possible attack and infection vectors.
So the bottom line is the same as with other types of devices...they are never going to be as secure as you think or hope that they will be.
Not sure if that helps?
Regards, Baldrick