should I review advanced settings?

today when i requested a scan on my computer(i noticed that it had scanned my mobile device), i has access to review all advance settings and status. Does it always show this at each scan. my bank account was almost hacked and bank required a new account.

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Hi Bernadetteo94

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In general, with any Webroot product, you be secure in the knowledge that the default settings provide excellent protection 'out of the box', so in general there is no need to go into 'Advanced Settings' and change anything.

Should one wish to then it is recommended that one only do so if one understands what one is doing as ill informed changes could very well lower protection levels.

What I am not clear about is when you say "requested a scan on my computer(i noticed that it had scanned my mobile device)" far as I know WRSA running on a PC/Mac does not scan mobile devices.

Please provide some further detail of precisely what you were running where when you noticed this happening or if you cannot do so then please advise as to where you see indicated that a mobile device has been scanned.

That will help us respond more fully to your question.

Regards, Baldrick


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