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Hi all  :D
Please could I ask` what may seem like a strange…..but totally genuine question as I don’t know where else I could ask it……… about 6 weeks ago I set up a Skype account in order to speak with a Doctor in America as a patient, purely for medical purposes.  I only have two contacts, this Doctor and a friend who helped me set up my Skype account.  
Since then, every day when I’m on my Laptop, I’m disturbed by that echoing bubble sound that Skype makes and there are between 2and 4 men (always men) messaging me, asking to make contact.
I don’t have my picture or any status or info…… these are all unsolicited.
They are mostly USA, though some Australia and a couple have been UK….. a lot of military profile pictures…… strangely; ‘Generals’ lol and ……..a few even of Doctors? It all seems very fake
Why is this?  Is it a security risk?  a scam? How do they find me? And how do I stop it.
Thank you in advance

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Block them and dont reply to any emails or contacts. Make sure you arent using that email address you used for skype to sign up for lots of forums or website offers. 
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Hi allyb
How are you? Chipper I hope?
If memory serves (and I will try to check for you a bit later when on my main system) but I think that you can elect to only receive contacts from users on you contact list, which should mean that unless you have added a user to that list they cannot contact you...which I think may do the trick.
Will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm or otherwise.
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Hi allby
Just managed to find what I was looking for. :D
Open Skype, and in the main panel click on 'Skype' in the top lefthand corner.  In the menu that opens click on 'Privacy...' and then in the page that opens as a result click on 'Privacy Settings' tab.  That should display a page with two options, one of which is 'Only allow people in my contact list to contact me'.  If the radio button next to that is not checked then check it and click on 'Save' at the bottom of the page...and hopefully that should do the trick for you.
As a result only people you add to your list should be ablemto cintact you...and finding and adding people, when you want, is relatively easy.
Hope that works/helps?  Let us know how you get on.
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 Hi Guys,
Sorry for the late reply..... I wasn't up to it.... though I did pop by to read your suggestions thank you.....
I have solved it...... yes I posted a picture of myself.....that did the trick!  :D  (only joking)  I fiddled with the privacy settings and I have been left in peace. Thankfully!  I appriciate also the tip about the email.... it's a minefield  :S for those with a working brain.......  let alone a fuddled one. 
Right..........I need to go and read all about paypall and ebay security risks now :@  as always any quickfire tips for dummies is appreciated.
Hope this finds you well Baldrick..... and thank you for always asking about my health.... surfice to say I'm alive 😃 it's much more difficult to be incarcerated when it's sunny and you can hear the world playing out.
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Hi ally
No problem at all...thanks for taking the time to stop by and update us.  Glad that it is sorted for you.
Glad to hear that you are OK and can very much sympathise with you having to be inside when it is nice outside.  I am OK...just having a hell of a hard time at's the customers, you see...could do without seriously, that is not true...I just wish they would listen once in a while...would make things sooooo much easier.
Take care of yourself and look forward to seeing you around.