Why would I still be getting a virus having "Webroot"?  We have never used Google Chrome before, and that is all we are experiencing.  

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Hello kmah1958, welcome to the Webroot Community.
If you could be a bit more specific it would be very helpful, however I think I understand.
I THINK what you may be seeing, and calling a virus, when on the internet is simply the warning letting you know that a web site may be malicious and blocking you from accessing it. (?)  That would be the Web Threat Shield, a Webroot Extension that installs into Internet Explorer, FireFox and Chrome browsers. 
The purpose of it is to help keep you from going to web pages that have viruses, links to malware, are believed to contain phishing attempts, etc etc.
Sometimes the Web Threat Shield triggers when there is no real threat.. this is called a False Postive (FP).  If you think the warnings you are getting are FP's,  you may want to submit a Trouble Ticket to have the site reviewed for reclassification.  
If you are seeing these warnings in Chrome, but not Internet Explorer, it may be that the extension was not correctly enabled in IE.  Open IE, click the Tool button, and choose Manage Add-Ons.  Locate the Webroot Extensions and check to see if they are Enabled.
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Hello kmah1958. Could you kindly elaborate the problem? Are you getting any message saying your system has virus? Has Google Chrome given you any warning? It would help us pin point the problem with the virus.
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Hi kmah1958
Welcome to the Community Forums.
As Amit & David have advised we need more information if we are to be able to offer any constructive advice re. the problem that you have indicated that you have.
Please let us know as soon as you can.