What's Up With Windows 11

  • 6 October 2021
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Windows 11 is uninstalling my webroot secure anywhere and telling me its not compatible.

Hopefully you are working on a solution for this but Windows 11 is now being pushed out.

Several of my computers are now left without the protection I signed up for so now what?



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7 replies

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@Business64 ,

Windows 11 is brand new but as far as I’m aware, it should support Webroot. Please reach out to our support team to begin an investigation:

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Hey @Business64 


We’ve not had any issues and I just asked support. I would try re-installing and if any issues from that to create a ticket or call them. They can remote onto your computer if needed.


This is our always up to date download link for our installer

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@TylerM  I think @Business64 is a Business user but not sure? So he would need info for Businesses. Maybe he can supply more info if he is a Business User or a Consumer User?

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@TripleHelix good call.


@Business64 You should be good with all those links based on your license. 

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@TylerM  I agree all @Business64  needs to do is reinstall WSA and it should be fine as I seen this happen on earlier versions of updated Windows 10 major updates, even now when I go to 21H2 I will need to reinstall my Sound Blaster drivers like always with major Windows Updates as it get broken for what ever reason.


I’m not ready to install Windows 11 for a few more months until Microsoft gets some of the bugs ironed out. :grinning:


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Thanks all for the validation that it’s not just me, and fyi on the first 2 computers to update both of them uninsatlled my WSA and gave me a stern warning that it was intentionally uninstalled and that it was not compaible with windows 11.

I don’t like being pushed around so I disregarded that and reinstalled on both machines and everything seems to be working just fine.  Only rub is I had a lot of scripts and and block/allow entries so it’s going to be some time before everything is learned back in but still I am protected and that’s what really matters to me.  

I have always kept current with regular exports but anytime I every time I need to reinstall WSA from scratch, the results are allmost as infuriating when I get a popup telling me that the import I was trying to apply cannot proceed as its not compative with this version of WSA.  So I get a lot of this incompatible mumbo jumbo not just from microsoft but webroot as well.

I snooped around some of my other computers and discovered that this windows update uninstalled webroot even before the upgrade to version 11…

2021-09 Cumulative Update Preview for Windows 10 Version 21H1 for x64-based Systems (KB5005611)

Presumably in preperation for the update, so if you are going to plunder forth to Windows 11 do expect it to remove WSA, but have no fear in adding it back onces the smoke clears!



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@TylerM @TripleHelix @Business64 


There have now been reports of people who upgrade to Windows 11, that their security products are being removed by the OS. Another local MSP is having their McAfee product removed from endpoints and also ThreatLocker in their community is reporting issues with their product being removed. 

This needs exploration for sure.