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Renewal was due, and the email received wanted to charge me full price.

I found a cheaper deal, and activated the keycode on my control panel.

However, Webroot are still trying to charge me for the automatic renewal (my bank blocked it) and sending me warning emails that I need to renew.

I've tried using the contact support on this website, I enter my email address and hit continue, it then says "we have already had contact with -my email address-" "Please enter your password below if you wish to continue with your previous conversation. Your password will have been previously emailed to you."

I enter in my password, and it just stays on that screen. I know my password is correct as I can still use the console on the website.

I've no idea why it says they've already had contact either, as I've not spoken with support for at least a couple of years.

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When you raise your first support ticket with Webroot the reply includes a Password that you use for Support and is different to your Console Password.

I had to search through old emails to find mine.


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