Congratulations Dermot7!

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Dermot7 is our newest Community Guide! Way to go Dermot! :D

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Bravo Dermot7!
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Congrats Dermot7!
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Hi Dermot
Many congratulations on the promotion...Community Guide!  Yay.:D
Keep up the good work!
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Hi Dermot 7... Congratulations ...I'm extremely excited for you.
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Congrats Buddy took you long enough now that you are a Community Guide you have to be here more often! :D
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Congrats Dermot7 on making Community Guide. 😃
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Congratulations Dermot7 on your promotion. 😃
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Congratulations!! :D
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Congrats Dermot7!
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Way to go Dermot7 and welcome to the family!!;)
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Congratulations Dermot 7.
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Oh WOW...just seen this! Thank you very much all, for your kind messages :D
It's both a pleasure and a privilege to advise people about using such a wonderful product, which I care so much about.
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Hey Dermot congrats. Good to see you here. You're great in the Wilders Forum making valuable points and helping a lot. Hope to see you here more often as well. Keep up the good work.:)