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Why renew when new is cheaper?

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Re: Why renew when new is cheaper?

Baldrick, is there any security benefit to getting a new keycode vs. renewing?  Much the same way as changing a password?  I was about to get a new keycode for the sake of cycling my numbers until BurnDaddy reminded me that I'd then have to open a ticket to have my password manager settings transferred.

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Re: Why renew when new is cheaper?

Hi Krieger_bot


Honestly, there is no security-related benefit to renewing a subscription, i.e., no new keycode required, compared with purchasing a new subscription, i.e., receive & need to activate a new keycode.


The disadvantage of the latter ove the former is purely administrative & one of ease of use in the case of ISP & Complete version users, i.e., no need to request Support transfer of password data and/or Backup & Sync helf data from old to new keycode.


Hope that helps?


Regards, Baldrick


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Re: Why renew when new is cheaper?

Just buy new on deal, get the key code and just hold on to it until your sub is about to expire - i did this via NewEgg back in December and have just "renewed" with it now.

Works fine.