10 evil supercomputers -- and their fiendish plans for our demise

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By Glenn McDonald, InfoWorld, June 19, 2014
Anyone who works with technology knows that at some point or another, all computers behave as if they are evil supercomputers. But in the annals of science fiction, a very specific sort of villain has gradually emerged: the sentient and usually hostile supercomputer that bedevils mankind with its inhuman motives and sinister agendas.
Science fiction specializes in taking our cultural anxieties and flipping them into stories. As computers entered our lives, stories of out-of-control supercomputers soon followed. Here we take a look at some of the more infamous evil supercomputers in the history of science-fiction books, movies, television, and video games.
Infoworld/ full read here/ http://www.infoworld.com/slideshow/156691/10-evil-supercomputers-and-their-fiendish-plans-our-demise-244504

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