after upgrade on Windows 10 toolbar becomes unusable

  • 16 June 2017
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This is the second time it has happened on one of my computers.  I don't remember how I fixed it the first time, but this time I did find a temporary way to stop the problem, but every time I restart the computer I once again cannot get it to function properly until I do what I found.  The problem is after turning on the computer and all icons are loaded on the Task Bar, the bar on the bottom of the screen nothing will work once the icon that is a blue and yellow shield has loaded.  I think that is for defender???  I am able to get around it by calling up the Task Manage and disabling the "consent for administrator......." task, but every time I reload I have to do the same thing.  I am wondering if it has something to do with the defender and Web Root both running on this machine which is a Dell I got online about a year ago.  I am relcutant to shut either off at this point, does anyone know what could be happening? I have two other machines in thehouse I use and neither has duplicated this problem yet.

5 replies

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Sorry to hear of the strange problem you've been having, @
You would need to uninstall Webroot temporarily to determine whether there is a confliction with Defender, but that seems very unlikely.
It sounds like something could be running at startup that could be causing problems. I recommend disabling all startup programs and seeing if that causes any change.
How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows
Hopefully someone else here has some other suggestions???
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Hi JP, Thank you for giving me something to look for.  I have WIndows 10 installed on 3 in use computers and this one is the only one it has happened on, this is the second time.  I checked a machine down the basement this morning and in the start up programs Windows Defender is in the startup list, but no problem there, nor with the other one I have upstairs, although I did not check that one.  Oddly enough after I saw your suggestion I restarted the offending machine and at first once the icon for Defender came up, this time it did not lock making the task bar unusable and I was able to go on using the machine, but the Defender is not listed as a start up program?  I don't get it, because at that point the only way I got the machine to work was was to use the suggestion I saw on the web which was to disable it in the startup folder, but once I restarted it the problem would repeat once the icon for Defender showed on the task bar.  Now Defender does not show in the startup folder  or the task bar although I did nothing on this machine to stop it.  I never got to your suggestion to stop all things in the start up folder, but was going to tell you that it was only after Defender loaded that the task bar became unusable, before it loaded I could still use the other tiems on the task bar. 
I have a question at this point, what kind of protection do I have with Web Root, I have ran it for years now, and am wondering if it takes care of things like malware?
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Not a problem, always happy to offer any advice I can!
You have our Internet Security Complete, which is the highest tier of protection we offer. You're covered against malware and any other infection variant that will try to attack your system. Our Identity Shield will also cover you against harmful websites and phishing attempts while surfing the net.
I want to make sure you know that Technical Support with our Team is included with your subscription. I suggest keeping this information in a handy place for your convenience in the future.
Send us a Support Ticket
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Thank You, I will print this post and put it with my WebRoot folder. 
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You're so welcome. And great idea!