How to Edit & Enhance Voice Memos on Mac

  • 18 November 2021
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Do you use Voice Memos app on the Mac to record audio, a quick voice note, phone call, or some other content? Perhaps, you use it to create podcasts from your home, or record an interview or meeting? If you’re a Voice Memos for Mac user, you may also be interested in editing those voice memos and enhancing them.


The stock Voice Memos app is a simple, yet effective tool to record audio on your Mac. Even beginners have no trouble getting a hang of the app due to its simplistic interface. Some people are evern using it to record audio for professional use with an external microphone setup. While doing this, they often tend to overlook the fact that the app can edit the recorded clips as well. Let’s check out the built-in editor of Voice Memos app on the Mac.


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