How to Show Battery Percentage in Menu Bar of MacOS Monterey & Big Sur

  • 28 October 2021
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Are you a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air user who likes to keep an eye on their Mac laptop battery life? Want to see the battery percentage in the menubar of MacOS with Monterey or Big Sur? Let’s check how you can show the battery percentage indicator in the menu bar of macOS with the latest operating systems.

The battery percentage indicator is a quick and easy way to determine how long you can keep using your MacBook before it runs out of juice. Sure, the battery icon itself can be used to determine this, but it only gives a rough estimate rather than a more accurate representation. Upon updating to macOS Big Sur or later, the battery percentage will no longer appear in the menu bar by default. We assume Apple did this to make space for the Control Center and other menu bar items. If you’re one of those users who often relied on this indicator, you can still manually enable this.

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