How Turning Off Geotagging On Your iPhone Could Save a Rhino’s Life

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Do you think fears about geotagged photographs are overblown?
Well, maybe a tweet made today by my friend, Professor Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey, will change your opinion.
A sad sign of our time
— Alan Woodward (@ProfWoodward) May 5, 2014
Geotagging is where a photograph has invisibly embedded inside it information about where in the world the photograph was taken.
By “where in the world,” I don’t mean the country, or even the city. I mean, the precise GPS co-ordinates of where your iPhone or iPad was when the photograph was snapped.
The information is stored inside a photo as Exif data, alongside all sorts of other details collected about the picture you have taken—including the make and model of your camera, its shutter speed, whether you used a flash, and the date and time.
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