MacOS Big Sur Beta 7 Released for Testing

  • 18 September 2020
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Apple has released beta 7 of macOS Big Sur to users participating in the beta testing programs for macOS. Usually a developer beta build is first and soon followed by the same build as a public beta version.


MacOS Big Sur remains in active beta development, while iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, and
watchOS 7 have all been finalized and released to the general public.

Any interested Mac user can install the macOS Big Sur public beta on any macOS Big Sur compatible Mac, though it’s worth remembering the beta system software is buggy and less reliable than stable versions. Therefore it’s generally only recommended to run beta releases on secondary hardware, and by more advanced users.

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    I got an e-mail from
with subject:

Update Webroot Security Before Upgrading to Big Sur

In the body of e-mail it says:

please update to the latest version of Webroot Security (version 9.1.3) before you install macOS Big Sur.

I think I have version:

This is based on clicking "My Account" & squinting.
It is very small & I don't see a way to make it bigger
or copy / paste that version.

So is this e-mail legit?  Is there a place you can go that shows all legit e-mails addresses?  Is my version what

I think it is - is there a way to see bigger & copy / paste that version?

If that version is correct I assume I don't have to do


I also tried to send message to support.  It said to
click button to allow cookies.  I did, entered PW
and it didn't take.  The message "click button to

allow cookies" returned.  There was no message saying PW
was wrong.  I tried on both Safari & Chrome.


What is going on?