MacOS Big Sur Beta 8 Available to Download

  • 23 September 2020
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Apple has released macOS Big Sur beta 8 to those who are beta testing the macOS release. Usually developer betas come out first and are soon followed by public beta releases.


Although beta system software is typically less stable than final stable versions, anyone with a Big Sur compatible Mac can install the public beta of Big Sur if they want to. It’s generally recommended to only install beta software on secondary devices that are not your primary hardware.

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3 replies

Looks like they are getting ready soon for the release of “Big Sur” I received these updates tonight for iWorks. :relaxed:


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@ProTruckDriver  Very cool! The fun begins...😁

@ProTruckDriver  Very cool! The fun begins...😁

I thought we were having fun already with Mac Security. :rofl: