get list of web browsing history - allowed and blocked??

  • 14 July 2018
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Hi, can't figure something out from the reporting console and am wondering if this is what the API is needed for and if so, are there examples you could point me to? 
Use case I'm thinking of, is a manager asking  "give me a report of John Smith's web activity for last week".  Can someone point me in the direction of how I would get that info?

2 replies

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Hi @,
If you haven't already visited our API documentation, please do so by clicking here. This will outline the different requests that are currently available, including blocked traffic reports. 
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thanks for the response, I'm not a programmer but will find one if needed.
I'm looking to get all web browsing history for individual users not just blocked.  Is that possible through the api to make a report of that? or excel .csv?
Do you know why Webroot did make an 'export to .csv' button available for allowed sites, but only for blocked sites?