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  • 17 March 2015
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This is such a simple question that I fear the answer is something really obvious that I am overlooking... but alas, I am stumped. How do you view or change the settings for a policy? I see there is a default policy, but have no idea what that involves. I created a new 'test' policy, but have no idea how I would edit or view the settings that go with it. The user manual seems to suggest you just click on the policy and you will see settings. That certainly is not the case for me. Clicking on them just highlights the policy on the screen. I thought maybe this was a browser issue, but I've tried three different browsers now. Thanks for you help!

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3 replies

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If you double-click on a policy it should open up a view that shows you all the policy settings and allows you to delete them.  Don't worry, I had the same trouble when I first used it, and was looking everywhere for an "edit" button 🙂  If that doesn't work let me know - you might have a browser extension that is interfering with the page if the double-click doesn't work.
Ahhh Double Click! Not used to doing that in a web browser. But that definitely worked. Thank you so much.
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Sure thing, glad it was an easy answer 🙂